Real Estate Wholesale

Wholesale homes are an exit strategy where investors find a discounted property (distressed properties as an example), homes in need of repair to sell, and homes in pre-foreclosure. Wholesale Investors can get you under contract, and then sell it to an interested cash buyer for a profit. Investors working with Wholesale properties are looking for a quick turnaround and for profit. These homes are usually ones that are below market value, where one can control through the use of a “purchase and sale agreement” and then quickly sell the contract to a cash investor.

We look for homes that our cash buyers are looking for for price, size of home and ARV. If Heidi Moves feels its a good property for one of our investors, we will then do the leg work and preview the property to determine a estimated repair summary.

Heidi Moves is only interested in working with serious and qualified buyers, so if that is you please fill out our investor form and Heidi will personally get back to you.

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