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    What is a Real Estate Professional

    A Real Estate Professional or Realtor is a trained and licensed person who makes his or her living in some aspect of buying, selling, or managing real estate.

    In Real Estate, selling your home, buying a home, or investing in Real Estate can be confusing and be a big undertaking. Every Real Estate situation is different, so the process can be overwhelming and uncertain about what direction is right for you. The Real Estate professionals here at Heidi Moves hear so many times statements like “My friend sold their house for X dollars, why can’t I,” “It’s a seller market, buyers will be ok with doing repairs,” “I need to sell fast with cash offers only” and our best “You maybe a Real Estate Professional but I know my house best.”

    Whatever the situation, we’re here to assure you that we’re here to help you and guide you with the best options for you. Heidi Moves, LLC, is a company that can provide the true “Real Estate Professional Service, Hassle-Free” because we can do the traditional real estate transactions (buying a home, selling a home, and home rentals) as well as the right to purchase and real estate investing.

    Heidi Tallos got her Texas Real Estate License and founded Heidi Moves, LLC, in 2015. Heidi Moves has grown into a trustworthy “Real Estate Professional Service, Hassle-Free” that can offer the traditional real estate transaction (through Keller Williams Realty) and become a real estate investor.

    I’ve found a new home!  I can find yours too!!

    Sell My Home

    Sellers have many questions when looking or needing to sell their home. Heidi Moves listens to each of their sellers to determine the best option to sell their home. Some sellers may want to sell with an agent while others may need to sell now “As Is” or “Pre-foreclosure.” Heidi Moves provides all options to sell your home.


    Real Estate Wholesale is a great way for owners to get rid of their distressed properties with a cash offer! You can close in a matter of days. Professionals at Heidi Moves either invest or work with investors to purchase these types of homes.

    Rent to Own

    Wanting to buy a home but can’t at this moment, no problem! Contact Heidi Moves to see if you qualify for a Lease with a Right to Purchase.

    Home Buyers

    Buyers come in many forms, first-time home buyers, seasonal buyers, and investors. Heidi Moves is here to help all types of buyers.


    Real Estate Investing can be awarding and challenging. Let the Professionals at Heidi Moves work with you by providing market analysis, provide ARV, sell the home, or renting out the property

    Home Rental

    You are looking to rent a home but not sure where to start, no problem. Many agents don’t work with renters because the pay is low. Heidi Moves see renters as potential future buyers, and even renters have the right to working with licensed agents.

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