Renting a Property

Can a real estate agent help me find a rental property?
Absolutely! Any good Real Estate agents have access to many, many great rental properties. Many landlord’s prefer using a Realtor instead of renting on their own as the real estate agent will do thorough background, credit, and reference checks. Thus, helping the landlord select the best tenant for the property.

Realtors have access to many more properties then you could find on your own and Realtors with rental property experience of their own, which many of us have. That personal experience is very important so be sure that the Realtor you are working with is or has been a rental property owner and understands the pros and cons of being a landlord. Call Heidi 214-998-1595 to get an agent with rental experience. Check out some of the rental properties for the following cities.

How much would it cost me to have you help me find a house for rent?
I typically get paid a small percentage of the first month’s rent called a referral fee, which is paid by the seller.  I can, but usually don’t, negotiate a percentage of all rents to be paid under the lease of a property.  That’s it. Call Heidi 214-998-1595 to get an agent with the rental experience to help you find a rental.

Are there websites I can visit to learn more about Landlord/Tenant Law in Texas absolutely, here is a very good resource for you.

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