If you are late on your mortgage payments or have a Notice of Default filed against you, we understand how stressed you are. Our real estate professional will not judge you but will find options for you that will help to sell your home with less stress. The most important part for homeowners to know is our rights under Texas Foreclosure Laws and COVID-19 CARES Act which provides you with relief during COVID-19.

Options you have before Foreclosure proceedings begin:

  • The best option is to pay back the loan in full
  • If this is not possible, seek loan modification
  • If you can’t do the items above then contact our professionals to start the process of selling your home either as a short sale or pre-foreclosure

NOTE: Heidi Moves provides you options to get a “cash buyer” or try to sell the home as your agent. Either way Heidi Moves will be here with you during the whole process. We have cash buyers who are ready to purchase your home “as is”.

Contact Heidi directly by take a few minutes filling out our seller contact form and she will reach out to you “hassle free” with NO judgement.

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