Heidi Moves Testimonials

Real Estate Professionals’ reputation is built on their clients’ experiences. Here are some of what Heidi Tallos clients said about her.

Fredi – Client
5-Star Review on ZipRealty.com
Heidi was awesome on helping us finding our first new home. She was patient and very friendly. With this hot real estate market she did a great job on maximizing our time on Sat and Sun. If was wanting to sell or buy a new home I would definitely use her again.

Syed – Client
5-Star Review on ZipRealty.com
She is wonderful and very professional. She gets the job done nicely,

Jay and Megan – Client
5-Star Review on Zillow.com
Heidi is an incredible resource for buying a home. From the very beginning, she gave us clear, realistic expectations for the ENTIRE process of our new house build. Every single moment that required more attention or push on other parties, she was there to provide it before we even knew what we should be saying. If you want someone very hands on with all the important processes, as well as someone who is available almost literally 24/7 (you should want both of these things during this type of process), Heidi is the person to talk to. One thing I would like to add: She is willing to adapt to your communication style. There’s a lot of times where my wife and I prefer just an iMessage rather than getting on a phone call, and she made sure to communicate appropriately for our schedule and request phone calls for the more important details. However, for our lender who clearly didn’t prefer written communication, Heidi was constantly on the phone with them when needed. Not a lot of people are willing to adapt to others’ communication preferences these days, which is another reason I will ensure my friends and family go through Heidi in the future.

Another one from Jay & Megan
5-Star Review on ZipRealty.com
Heidi is a great resource for buying a home. She is beyond dedicated to meeting your goals and expectations, as well as giving you expectations for what will happen throughout the entire process. When things got tough with our lender missing deadlines, Heidi was immediately on top of the situation and connected with everyone possible to push the process through as quickly as possible. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

Kim – Client
5-Star Review on Zillow.com
“I love Heidi! I was selling my home in Carrollton and was looking to purchase another near my son close to Little Elm, Heidi knew the market very well and was able to juggle both homes closing on the same day.

Tim – Lease Client
I had a very unique situation where I had to move my family and animals from Lubbock to Fort Worth in a 2 week time period.  We had just been in a car wreck where my wife was hospitalize so I had little help picking out new home.  Heidi Tallos met me at the rehab facility my wife was in after out of hospital.  She met my wife and put both of us at ease with her “can do” attitude.  After searching through several houses online that Heidi had sent to me, we got together to view houses in the Fort Worth area.  She spent the day driving me around from Plano area to South, West and Northern Fort Worth.  We found a perfect place that accepted our 3 dogs and Dwarf goat!!h of them on the same day! There were some very tough times during all of this that I couldn’t handle but Heidi was there for me every step of the way. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her . I highly recommend Heidi to anyone that is looking to buy or sell their homes she is extremely well versed and knowledgeable of all sub-markets. She’s the best! Thank you Heidi!”

I had to return to Lubbock to pack and get ready for the move and Heidi was in constant contact to answer questions and maintain communications with property manager so that we were able to lockdown house by quickly getting application to me and to the property manger plus secure with deposits and fees. We were both impressed and thankful for her work ethic.

We moved in and she was there to make sure we had everything we needed. Again, I cannot say enough about her knowledge of the area and how tuned in she was to our needs and make it happen.  I told my wife that “Heidi made the impossible possible”.

I am definitely referring her to friends and family who are relocating…

Carmen – Client
5-Star Review on ZipRealty.com
Actually Heidi deserves way more than 5 stars. I started working with Heidi a couple of months ago when I decided to sell my home. This was my first house therefore I was not familiar with the “sale process”. She educated me and provided all the information and suggestions that were very helpful to find a buyer. The house sold in a week !! Unfortunately before I could buy a new house I lost my job. Heidi was always very professional yet friendly and always mindful of the issues I was going through. The buyers of my home were “extremely demanding” and Heidi was sooo patient with them, excellent mediator. She made me feel that I had someone on my side looking for my best interest. Thank you so much Heidi for all your hard work and professionalism. We’ll keep in touch for you to help me when I am ready to buy a new house.

Brandon and Mary – Client
5-Star Review on Zillow.com
Heidi is absolutely the most professional and helpful realtor one could ask for! She takes on all the work load and responsibilities of buying a house so that you can rest easy knowing everything is being taken care of. She also helps with locating a lending company that works best for your personal specifications. We were so fortunate to have Heidi on our side, and made our first home purchase stress free and exciting, which is how it should be!!

Irma & Joe – Client
5-Star Review on ZipRealty.com
It was an excellent experience working with Heidi. Heidi is a dedicated person as an agent to help her clients. She is very professional. She help us when I call her late at night to help me on the computer with the electronic signing papers.

Christine & Perry – Lease Client
4-Star Review on Zillow.com
My dealings with Heidi were excellent, she was very attentive. returned phone calls or texts in a timely manner. Her knowledge of the area is very extensive. I would use her again and recommend her to others.

Ted & Emily – Client
5-Star Review on Zillow.com
Heidi was tremendously helpful in our purchasing process. She understands the market well and provides valuable opinions in multiple offer situation. Very good at responding emails, text, or calls almost 24/7/365. She is patient and always keeps her clients’ preference in mind. Her quality of service overall was excellent. Experienced Real Estate Professional. Highly recommended especially for first time home buyers.

Alex , Sarosh and Michael – Lease Client
5-Star Review on Zillow.com
Heidi is at top of her game. Her availability and dedication is admirable. It is an easy choice just choose her and she will impress you. I expected to not get everything I wanted in a home but she worked her *** off and I got more than I could expect. She literally found the perfect place for myself in a great neighborhood for the price I wanted. At the same time coordinated three of us in different states through the application process.

Amber & Cornelius – Client
Our experience with Heidi was great. We ran into major issues with the bank we got our home loan through. But, Heidi was able to help us get through those humps and never gave up on us. I would strongly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a knowledgeable, honest, and persistent Realtor. She will help get you what you want and get you through the process without any complaints.

Chris – Client
Heidi worked with me for over two years to find a suitable home for our 7 person family – first getting us into a rental and then finding a home for good. She was patient, knowledgeable and worked tirelessly on our behalf. Having a VA loan in this seller’s market where cash and conventional loans are the norm she held our hands through everything and went above and beyond the call of duty in every regard.

Beyond the qualities already noted above, her genuine, down-to-earth approach was always appreciated. I truly felt she had our best interests in mind at all times and on multiple aspects of the purchase process. She was supportive and professional in assisting me even with some unexpected difficult situations. She was honest and upfront about everything I needed to know and she made sure that I was protected as I made choices. Her follow-through demonstrated that she truly cared, even beyond closing. I would not hesitate to refer her to friends and family and I am very thankful for the opportunities to work with her. Not sure if I’ve fully captured my experiences in this short review, but if you are looking for an agent who is knowledgeable, has a wealth of resources to support her work, and is not the least bit pushy or concerned about her commission, please contact her and you will see the difference.

Daniel – Client
In preparation for our house hunt in the Dallas area, my wife did some internet searching for some of the highest producing Real Estate Agents in the area.  Heidi Tallos was at the top of the list.

Heidi responded quickly when we called.  Other agents we managed to dial before she called back, never even bothered returning our calls.

Heidi’s use of technology ( wireless i-pad etc…) allowed us to view homes and ask questions about homes in different areas, even as we drove from one house to the next on our list!

Heidi took care of us on the road.  She bought us lunch and continued to set up new viewing appointments and answer questions while we ate.

Heidi did all she could to communicate with the sellers on our behalf.  When our first offer on a house was rejected, she called over and over again to see if there weren’t some way we could tweak the offer to still get the contract.  When we learned the contract had already been signed, she got us right back in the saddle with additional viewing appointments and new found listings.

Heidi always answered our questions or did her best to find the answers we needed quickly.  At one point I asked her to check with any contractor friends about converting a small storage room into a bathroom in one of the houses we were considering.  I learned later she had taken the time to call 10 different contractors, even though only one had replied.  We are really glad this one called her back.  He also was a realtor with a four bedroom house we decided we loved.

Heidi worked well with other professionals on our behalf.  She helped formulate an acceptable offer on the house with this contractor, including a lease back on the property which would allow us to move in before we had actually closed on the home.  This was especially valuable since we were moving from California and would need a place to put our stuff once we arrived.  Heidi quite possibly saved us an additional $8,000 or so by getting the offer signed before the owner re-listed the house as well.

Heidi always disclosed all of the bonus incentive offers she received from various sellers.  She didn’t seem to care about the extra money at all.  She wanted us to be sure that we had what we wanted.

Heidi was instrumental in helping to solve problems.  When problems arose, Heidi did her best to help us know or search for different ways to solve them.  Her communication skills and the relationships she had with her other team members were invaluable.

Heidi worked with amazingly efficient people.  I realized almost immediately that Heidi and her team members were movers.  I was so confident in their ability to help us find and close on a home quickly, that I didn’t feel the need to sleep on the decision to make Heidi our realtor at all.  I even got a little teary eyed as I told my wife and Heidi as much while signing the contract.

Jen – Lease Client
We were looking for a house to rent within a very short period of time with very little success. When we found Heidi she quickly smoothed out the process and helped us find numerous options to choose from. She was also very knowledgeable about the school ratings and negotiating DFW traffic, which were very important aspects of our move. We are happy with the rental home we chose and would definitely contact Heidi again should we decide to purchase in the future.

Victoria – Client
So far, she has been diligent and thorough with every aspect of our house hunting, providing me with house disclosures, updates, and breaking down all the real estate jargon/lingo you will tend to encounter. Also, she is the only real estate agent I know who will accommodate a showing with 2 hours notice. I didn’t know I was whimsical and indecisive till I started house hunting, but, she has managed to oblige my excesses with a cheerful disposition.

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