Ohio Drive Improvements Plano

City of Plano Ohio Drive Improvements

Take a Different Route During the City of Plano Ohio Drive Improvements

If Ohio Drive is your regular route to and from work, consider an alternate route for the time City of Plano Ohio Drive Improvementsbeing. On Monday, Feb. 6, traffic on Ohio Drive will be funneled down to one lane in both directions from Mapleshade Lane to Park Boulevard for pavement repairs. In this first phase, left turns will not be an option at the signal at Mapleshade and Plano Parkway.

It is the first segment of this project which will go up the northbound lane all the way to Sam Rayburn Tollway and then loop back down the southbound side. Basically these improvements will be along the entire length of Ohio Drive; so for now, find a different route until this project winds down.


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