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Garden Homes For Sale

What are Garden Homes?

Garden Homes, can also be known as;

  • Zero-Lot Line homes
  • Patio homes
  • Courtyard homes
  • Maintenance-free homes
  • Village homes

These homes are, in their most basic definition, homes that are built close to the property line. For the purposes of this article I will call them Garden homes.  Garden homes provide little or no yard which means less maintenance for the homeowner and typically have a private yard at the rear or side of the home. Maybe just enough space for a patio or garden. Garden homes are truly a lifestyle choice! Garden homes can be single or multi-story homes and may or may not be part of a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) that provides lawn or maintenance services to cater to a low-maintenance lifestyle.

Garden homes are typically sought after by busy executives, singles, empty-nesters or those looking to downsize. These types of buyers often seek a very low-maintenance lifestyle so they can relax on the weekends and/or spend time more time with family and friends.  It provides a truly unique experience for a home buyer.

How Can I find Garden Homes?

No real estate website can boast 100% that all their listings are garden homes.  The fact is that unless the agent listing the property actually adds keywords to the listing in some way that identifies the home as a garden home they will be tough to find without an agent helping a buyer search for them.

Agents have numerous ways of searching that go well beyond typical websites and most agents have a truly extensive network of resources that can help them find homes quickly that meet your needs for a garden home lifestyle.

How Can Heidi Help Me?

So you want less yard work or hassle with a yard or home maintenance? Then a garden home may just be the answer. Heidi can help you find a garden home. Simply fill out the form below for a return phone call or call Heidi at 214-998-1595 or text her today to get started. I look forward to hearing from you.


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