Relocating to the Dallas/Forth Worth Area!

When moving to a new area, you may have a lot on your mind: a different job, different schools, different church, different daily routines, and of course, finding a new place for your family to live. I understand this, because I have relocated here from Minnesota and understand all that goes into moving. I have a long history of finding buyers the right home by following a refined process designed to speed up your search.

When most buyers go into home search mode – they may come up with 50+ listings to view. It should go without saying that’s too many homes to see first hand if you’re limited on time! I can help you to narrow your search down to 20-25 properties, with these tips in mind:

  • Come into town with two lists: One should be of things you require in your new home. The other should be for optional things you want. When a house can’t fulfill your basic needs, we can obviously eliminate it from the list.
  • How long of a commute are you ready to make each day to work and other interests? Traffic in the Dallas area could be different than what you’re currently experiencing, by letting me know your commute time helps me find homes in that area.
  • Have a set price range. This could be based on the price of your current home or mortgage loan pre-qualification letter.
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